9. – 13. May 2016

The triangle author-director-dramaturg has changed its shape considerably. More and more often, several professions are blending into the role. Many Slovak directors have produced their own dramatizations or even devised texts, however, the mentioned phenomenon ist most visible in the younger generation of artists.

festival awards

The GRAND PRIX of Nová dráma/New Drama 2016
SkRAT Theatre, Bratislava 
Extracts and Substitutes 
authors and performers: Inge Hrubaničová, Ľubo Burgr, Milan Chalmovský, Vlado Zboroň  

The Special Prize of Nová dráma/New Drama 2016
for concentrated acting
in the performance Victim of the Aréna Theatre

The Student Jury Prize

Sláva Daubnerová: Solo lamentoso 
direction: Sláva Daubnerová   

The Bratislava Audience Prize
SkRAT Theatre, Bratislava 
Extracts and Substitutes 
authors and performers: Inge Hrubaničová, Ľubo Burgr, Milan Chalmovský, Vlado Zboroň  

The DRAMA 2015 Prize
1st Prize:
Peter Scherhaufer: Osamelosť bežca piesočných dún

1st Prize: Vanda Zaplatílková Hutařová: Sebestředná samota
2nd Prize: was not awarded
3rd Prize: Samuel Chovanec: Byť mnou? Byť vami

Slovak Radio Prize: Nina Nix: 10 dní do stredy

Drama Department of Slovak National Theatre Prize: was not awarded

participating productions

City Theatre Žilina
Silvia Vollmannová: Sure, it´s All Right
direction: Silvia Vollmannová  

Andrej Bagar Theatre Nitra
Ewald Palmetshofer: Hamlet is Dead – Faust is Hungry
direction: Svetozár Sprušanský and Braňo Holiček  

Aréna Theatre, Bratislava
David Jařab: Victim
direction: David Jařab  

SkRAT Theatre, Bratislava
Extracts and Substitutes
authors and performers: Inge Hrubaničová, Ľubo Burgr, Milan Chalmovský, Vlado Zboroň  

Tomáš Procházka, Peter Tilajčík: Kafka. Dreaming.

authors and performers: Tomáš Procházka, Peter Tilajčík  

Sláva Daubnerová: Solo lamentoso

direction: Sláva Daubnerová  

The Drama Department of Slovak National Theatre, Bratislava
Peter Pišťanek: Rivers of Babylon
direction: Diego de Brea  

ASTORKA Korzo ´90, Bratislava
Michal Vajdička and coll.: Empty Hole
direction: Michal Vajdička  

section focus


ART HUB – Centre for Research and Support of Performing Arts, Sarajevo
Biljana Srbljanović: Someone Else’s Heart: Theatrical Treatise on Borders
direction: Dino Mustafić  

Contemporary Theatre Scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Theory Event / lecture of director Dino Mustafić about contemporary theatre and drama in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tanja Šljivar: We are like those our parents warned us against
presentation of Slovak edition of plays of Bosnian playwright, in author´s presence  

On the Path

film screening (direction: Jasmila Žbanić), in cooperation with Association of Slovak Film Clubs and Slovak Film Institute  

An Episode from the Life of an Iron Picker        
film screening (direction: Danis Tanović), in cooperation with Association of Slovak Film Clubs and Slovak Film Institute

accompanying programme

Ivan Vyrypajev
masterclass of Russian playwright and the godfather of the festival, with a presentation of collection of his plays in Slovak language afterwards  

Dramaturgy Board talks about competing productions  

Quo Vadis Theatre Critique and Theatre Journals
international colloquium and discussion  

staged reading of finalists of Drama 2015 competition  

festival team

Main Organizers: Theatre Institute and CORPUS Association   
Festival Director: Vladislava Fekete 
Honorary Director: Zuzana Kronerová 
Dramaturgy Board: Katarína Cvečková, Marek Godovič, Zuzana Uličianska
Curator of Focus Bosnia and Herzegovina: Juliana Beňová 
Jury: Dodo Gombár (SK), Tomasz Grabiński (PL), Dino Mustafić (BiH)

Student Jury: Lucia Šmatláková, Dominika Uhlárová, Ján Balaj (poslucháč/ky Katedry divadelných štúdií VŠMU)
Organization Team: Dominika Zaťková, Dária Fojtíková Fehérová, Miroslav Švoňava, Marek Godovič, Miloslav Juráni, Veronika Pavelková, Diana Selecká, Viera Burešová
Creator of Grand Prix award: Martin Mistrík – Zelená lúka
Visuals: Martin Mistrík – Zelená lúka

The festival was organized under the auspices of Ivo Nesrovnal, Mayor of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. 
The programme section Focus Bosnia and Herzegovina was organized under the auspices of the Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Slovakia Mrs. Danka Savić.



„Theatre blossoms in Russia despite censorship, says Russian playwright IVAN VYRYPAYEV. Last week he opened Bratislava New Drama Festival and presented a collection of translations of his plays into Slovak language, with the most known plays like Oxygen or July among them. “

Zuzana Uličianska: U Moskovčanov nájdete slobodu In Sme; roč. 24, č. 114, Kultúra , s. 13 (17.05.2016)

„Themes that stood out in competing performances of the festival of contemporary Slovak and world drama New Drama 2016 were breakdown of the family, the society and relationships... Theatre SkRAT from Bratislava was awarded the Grand Prix and Bratislava Audience Award for the performance Extracts and Substitutes. This has been the third victory of this theatre in the twelve year history of the festival (2008; Birthday Party, 2006; Die, Snuff and Kick the Buckett...). SkRAT triumphed again because of their authentic approach and honest statement that are their significant feature. “

Peter Scherhaufer: Vyhrala autentickosť ľudskej trápnosti In Týždeň; roč. 13, č. 21, s. 47 (23.05.2016)

„´A good play is not only about contemporary topic, nicely compiled sujet and well written text. A good play is first of all a way to exist on stage and communicate with audience.´ The festival motto by Ivan Vyrypaev, one of the most significant Russian playwrights, was not chosen randomly. He will be a godfather of this year´s festival and this morning he will discuss not only his work but also actual issues including art, society and politics. “

Eva Andrejčáková: Nová dráma In Sme; roč. 24, č. 107, s. 18 (09.05.2016)

„It seems that Slovak performances tend to notice cultural and social specifics of towns and regions. Compared to Czech theatre this is done only in theatres in Ostrava. There are also obvious tendencies of Slovak creators to contemplate about Slovak national identity (not ideologically simplified). “