The GRAND PRIX of Nová dráma/New Drama Umberto Eco – Peter Brajerčík: Moral insanity
The Bratislava Audience Prize Collective work: Love you and take care
The Student Jury Prize Joël Pommerat: The Reunification of the Two Koreas
Martin Pollack: Americký cisár
The DRAMA 2018 Prize 1st Prize: Kaja Kowalczuková

nová dráma/new drama

The essence of Nová dráma/New Drama is not just to present existing productions in the main competition programme, but also to stimulate creative writing.

The Nová dráma/New Drama Festival was established at a time when Europe was “shaken up” by the wave of new drama, when nearly every country that did not have its own festival of contemporary drama immediately sought ways to have one. Several years prior to the establishment of the festival, the Theatre Institute supported new drama through a competition for best drama written in Slovak known as “Drama” (since its first year in 2000 the competition has successfully continued until today). The Institute’s multimedia space Studio 12 was used to nurture the spirit and essence of new drama – premiering new productions, holding lectures, organizing conferences, doing stage readings. In parallel, a print edition of New Drama was started and the concentric circles seemed to require the largest, all-embracing circle to surround them all – a drama festival.

The essence of Nová dráma/New Drama is not just to present existing productions in the main competition programme, but also to stimulate creative writing (through the above mentioned Drama competition). For example, the creative writing workshops run by the Theatre Institute throughout the year in collaboration with Slovak theatres resulted in stage reading sessions. The festival’s image is completed by lectures and workshops held by international experts in new drama and performance art (Hans-Thies Lehmann, Aleks Sierz, Árpád Schilling, Aleksandra Jovićević, Viliam Dočolomanský, Justina Jaworska), playwrights (Gianina Cărbunariu, Maxim Kurochkin, Olya Mukhina, Yelena Isayeva, Małgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk, Dušan Jovanović, Jibbe Willems, Goran Stefanovski, Dea Loher, Ivan Vyrypajev), as well as by theme exhibitions (set design and new drama, costume art, theatre photography).

Audiences reacted positively when in 2007 the festival programme was extended by a special section called “Focus” which was designed to present European theatre cultures with which Slovakia might cooperate in the future (Romania, Russia, Serbia, Finland, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina). The Focus section offers a truly focused view of international theatre which allows to compare global theatremaking with contemporary Slovak drama and theatre, creates space for discussion and provides the audiences with a taste of international theatre. Usually, Focus is made up of one/two productions, lectures, stage readings of contemporary plays, interviews with playwrights, an exhibition.

One of the advantages of Nová dráma/New is the fact that its essence is the phenomenon of current drama which keeps changing and thus never allows the festival to stagnate and be inactive. Thanks to this, Nová dráma/New Drama is different every year. To program it anew forces the organizers to listen carefully, to follow European trends and to harmonize them with Slovak particularities. The aim is to model a festival that will always surprise and, perhaps most of all, confirm the meaningfulness of presenting and promoting new Slovak drama.

Vladislava Fekete

Director of the Theatre Institute and director of the Nová dráma/New Drama festival


Gianina Cărbunariu, playwright and director (RO), Hans-Thies Lehmann, theatrologist (DE), John Freedmann, theatre critic, publicist and dramaturge (USA, RU), Oľa Muchina, playwright (RU), Jelena Isajeva, playwright and poet (RU), Radion Beleckij, playwright and poet (RU), Jurij Klavdijev, playwright and journalist (RU), Maxim Kuročkin, author and playwright (RU), Iva Klestilová, dramaturg, playwright (CZ), Miodrag Tabački, set designer (RS), Aleksandar Milosavljević, critic, executive director (RS), Ksenija Radulović, theatrologist, theatre publicist (RS), Aleksandra Jovićević, theatrologist, theatre critic (RS), Aleks Sierz, theatre critic, theoretician and publicist (UK), Petr Christov, theatrologist and translator (CZ), Jukka-Pekka Pajunen, dramaturge and publicist (FI), Martina Marti, director (CH), Helena Autio-Meloni, theatre manager (FI), David Maayan, director (IL), Árpád Schilling, director (HU), Blaž Lukan, v (SI), Alja Predan, dramaturge, theatrologist, festival director (SI), Primož Jesenko, theatrologist, theatre critic (SI), Dušan Jovanović, playwright and director (SI), Viliam Dočolomanský, director (SK, CZ), Malgorzata Sikorska – Miszczuk, playwright and script writer (PL), Justyna Jaworska, theatre theoretician (PL), Tadeusz Slobodzianek, director (PL), Marcin Zawada, theatrologist, dramaturge (PL), Jakub Škorpil, critic and publicist (CZ), Goran Stefanovski, playwright (MK), Jibbe Williams, playwright and director (NL), Andrzej Slawomir Jagodziński, translator and publicist (PL), Dora Viceníková, dramaturge (CZ), Sylvia Huszár, theatrologist, translator and producer (HU), Kornél Mundruczó, director (HU), Pál Frenák, director and choreographer (HU, FR), Patrice Pavis, theatrologist (FR), John Elsom, theatre critic, playwright (UK), Max Ryynänen, theatre and film critic and theoretician, (FI), Thomas Irmer, theatrologist and theatre publicist (DE), Viktor Minkov, director (RU), Ana Tasić, theatre theoretician and critic (RS), Ákos Németh, playwright (HU), Sanja Nikčević, theatrologist and theatre critic (HR), Ian Herbert, theatre critic (UK), Martin Bernátek, theatrologist (CZ), Tomasz Grabiński, culture manager, journalist (PL), Dea Loher, playwright (DE), Jűrgen Berger, theatre and literary critic (DE), Hans-Werner Kroesinger, director (DE), Regine Dura, dramaturge, playwright (DE), Jana Binder, culturologist, culture manager (DE), Kristina Matvienko, theatre critic and manager (RU), Dino Mustafić, film and theatre director, (BA), Tanja Šljivar, playwright (BA), Ivan Vyrypajev, playwright and director (RU), Selma Spahić, director (BA), Jan Kerbr, critic and publicist (CZ), Karel Král, critic and publicist (CZ), Kyriakos Loukakos, president of Greek section of AICT-IACT (GR), Leandros Polenakis, theatrologist and critic (GR), Deepa Punjani, critic (IN), Attila Szabó, theatrologist (HU), Ingrid De Ketelaere, manager (BE), Christophe Galent, manager, executive director (BE), Ondřej Svoboda, manager (CZ), Pavla Petrová, manager, executive director (CZ), Piroska Ács, manager, executive director (HU), Dorota Buchwald, manager, executive director (PL), Pavel Štorek, manager (CZ), Kamila Černá, theatrologist (CZ), David Jařab, director (CZ), Anna Lakos, theatrologist (HU), Anna Garai, performer (HU), Anna Hárs, performer (HU), Bo Yeon Sin, manager (KR), Youn-Kiung Lee, manager (KR), Miriam Drnovšek, manager, executive director (SI), Samo Strelec, performer (SI), Giuseppe Pino Tierno, manager, executive director (IT), Anthony Tassa, theatrologist (USA, AE), Zoran Maksimović, theatrologist, executive director (RS), Ján Čáni, director, publicist (RS), Martina Černá, manager, theatrologist (CZ), Sofiya Volkovetska, manager (UA), Amelia Kraigher, theatrologist, publicist (SI), Felicia Brown, theatrologist (USA), Kalina Stefanova, critic (BG), Maria Szilagy, manager (HU), Maryana Kuzemska, manager (UA), Zala Dobovšek, theatrologist (SI), Knut Geisler, manager (DE), Johanna Bertóti, critic (RO), Lydia Nagel, critic (DE), Henning Bochert, manager, publicist (DE), Karl H. 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