13. – 18. May 2013

The long-time effort to present Slovak drama was translated into the first conference of Slovak dramaturges titled New Dramaturgy, New Dramaturge. The festival continued to bring forth interesting issues and progressive topics in symposiums, conferences and panel discussions.

festival awards

GRAND PRIX Nová dráma/New Drama 2013
Ján Rozner / Peter Pavlac: Seven Days to the Funeral
Slovak Chamber Theatre, Martin
directed by Ľubomír Vajdička

Special Prize of the Jury

Awarded to the production team of Jánošík 00 7 of the City Theatre in Žilina.
Awarded for the remarkable work of a young team of authors and producers whose playful reflection on the highwayman myth of Jánošík made a humorous and, at the same time, committed generational statement.

Special Prize of the Jury

Awarded to the Aréna Theatre for the production of Holocaust.
The production was based on a text written by Viliam Klimáček and commissioned by the Aréna Theatre. The play deals with a significant period in Slovakia’s history.

Student Jury Prize

Róbert Mankovecký / Dodo Gombár:
Slovak Chamber Theatre, Martin
directed by Dodo Gombár

Bratislava Audience Award

Simona Semenič:
Studio 12 – studio for new drama and the TUŠ Theatre, Bratislava
directed by Adriana Totiková

The DRAMA 2012 Prize
1st Prize:
Helena Eliášová: Tentazione
1st Prize:
Marian Janik:  The Autist
2nd Prize:
Michal Baláž: United Kingdom
3rd Prize:
was not awarded

Slovak Radio Prize:
Vladimír Ragala: Metro

participating productions

The Drama Department of the Slovak National Theatre
Anna Jablonská: Pagans

(directed by Marián Amsler)  

Aréna Theatre, Bratislava
Viliam Klimáček: Holocaust
(directed by Rastislav Ballek)

SkRAT Theatre, Bratislava
Dušan Vicen et al.: The Trial, of the Trial, by the Trial (You’ll Go to Jail? Asshole!)
(directed by Dušan Vicen)

City Theatre Žilina
Michaela Zakuťanská: Jánošík 00 7

(directed by Ján Luterán and Mariana Ďurčeková)  

Civic Association Tucet and SPOTs
Ján Šimko: Steel my Heart (Wandering the Night, Eaten by the Fire)
(directed by Ján Šimko)

Slovak Chamber Theatre, Martin
Róbert Mankovecký / Dodo Gombár:
(directed by Dodo Gombár)

Slovak Chamber Theatre, Martin
Ján Rozner / Peter Pavlac: Seven Days to the Funeral
(directed by Ľubomír Vajdička)

Studio 12 – studio for new drama and the TUŠ Theatre, Bratislava
Simona Semenič:

(directed by Adriana Totiková)

section focus

Focus Czech Republic

Reduta Theatre – National Theatre Brno, Czech Republic
Franz Kafka, Daniel Špinar, Dora Viceníková: Cabaret Kafka
(directed by Daniel Špinar)

accompanying programme

New dramaturgy, new dramaturge
A conference about Slovak dramaturgy and its role, as well as about the changes dramaturgy has undergone in recent years and the transformation of the role of the dramaturge in Slovakia.  

The Light that Means the World

An exhibition of Lukasz Wojciechowski, winner of the Biennial Competition of theatre photography in 2012.  

Little Book of Traps / Theory Event

A lecture by the famous Macedonian playwright Goran Stefanovski about writing theatre plays. Intended for active and aspiring playwrights.  

Contemporary Dutch drama / Theory Event

A lecture held by Dutch playwright and director Jibbe Willems, including a presentation of Dutch Drama – a new publication of the Theatre Institute.  

Introduction I, II

Discussion with the international festival guests led by dramaturge and writer Marek Godovič, member of the festival’s dramaturgy board, about Slovak historical and social circumstances reflected in the competing productions.  

Triathlon 2013

Stage reading of the texts shortlisted for the Drama 2012 competition, including a discussion with the finalists and members of the jury. (directed  by Tomáš Procházka)  

Young Criticism Seminar
Intended for students of the humanities, arts and art sciences at universities (not only) in Slovakia. The participants will critically reflect on the productions of the main competition under the guidance of lecturer Ľubica Krénová, theatre writer and critic in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

festival team

Main organizers: the Theatre Institute Bratislava, the Bratislava Culture and Information Centre, and the City Theatre of P. O. Hviezdoslav  
Festival director: Vladislava Fekete
Honorary director: Zuzana Kronerová
Dramaturgy board: Elena Knopová, Marek Godovič, Miro Zwiefelhofer
Jury: Kamila Černá (Czech Republic), Tomasz Grabiński (Poland), Maja Hriešik, Zuzana Mistríková, Martin Ondriska
Organizational staff: Dominika Zaťková, Dária Fojtíková Fehérová, Marek Godovič, Lucia Čarnecká, Miro Zwiefelhofer, Juraj Hubinák, Gabriela Holečková, Viera Burešová, Diana Selecká
Creator of the Grand Prix award: Emőke Vargová
Visuals: Milk

The festival was organized under the auspices of Milan Ftáčnik, Mayor of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.  

New Drama – Enter Prešov / Jonáš Záborský Theatre, 21–22 May 2013
New Drama – Enter Žilina / City Theatre Žilina, 18–23 June 2013



„This theatre event, known for its pleasant springtime atmosphere, started with the desire to show the audiences the best Slovak productions of the given year. This year’s selection for the festival competition includes mostly productions of contemporary plays written by Slovak playwrights. The festival has supported original Slovak drama for many years.“

Eva Andrejčáková: Národná identita sa dá nájsť v divadle In SME, roč. 21, č. 106, s. 15 (09.05.2013)

„The degree of social engagement present in the festival productions was very surprising for the international participants who valued the steady level of quality of the presented productions. The jury had a tough job to select a winner.“

(zu): Grand Prix ide do Martina In SME, roč. 21, č. 115, s. 18 (20.05.2013)

„This year’s festival in Bratislava introduced strong and provoking issues: shadows of the wartime and post-war past (Holocaust), normalization (Seven Days to the Funeral), blundering in the quest for ‘spirituality’ (Pagans), ironic views of national myths (, Jánošík 007), the disquieting problems of post-communist countries (The Trial, of the Trial, by the Trial,, as well as specific pains related to social changes Slovakia has undergone (Steel My Heart). Would we be able to compile a similarly provoking overview of plays in the Czech Republic?“

Jan Kerbr: (No 4) In (17.06.2013)

„The tenth year [of the festival] was more convincing than the previous one. It presented productions of varied quality – but these almost always subverted traditional theatricality and were not afraid to experiment.“