17. – 21. May 2011

The accompanying events became an essential element of the festival. Professional conferences, workshops, lectures and exhibitions helped shape the festival character. Experts began to analyze the new drama phenomenon.

festival awards

GRAND PRIX Nová dráma/New Drama 2011
was not awarded

Special Prize of the Jury

Peter Handke: Underground Blues
City Theatre Žilina
directed by Eduard Kudláč

Prize of the Student Jury
the SkRAT Theatre creative team: Stabbers and Lickers
SkRAT Theatre Bratislava
directed by Dušan Vicen

Bratislava Audience Award
Gejza Dezorz: THE mischievous WAYS OF THE FOOL, or the erotic adventures of Bob de Niro
Dezorz’s Puppet Theatre
directed by Gejza Dezorz

The DRAMA 2010 Prize
1st Prize:
Peter Janků: Stones of Life
1st Prize: Zuza Ferenczová: Babyboom
2nd Prize: Lenka Langronová: From the Stardust
3rd Prize: Helena Eliášová: That Night
3rd Prize: Martin Hvišč: The Triad

Slovak Radio Prize:
Peter Janků: Stones of Life

participating productions

Debris Company Bratislava
Debris Company: MONO
(directed by Jozef Vlk)

Dezorz’s Puppet Theatre Bratislava
Gejza Dezorz:
THE mischievous WAYS OF THE FOOL, or the erotic adventures of Bob de Niro
(directed by Gejza Dezorz)

Andrej Bagar Theatre, Nitra
Dušan Mitana: Endgame
(directed by Roman Polák)

Ján Palárik Theatre, Trnava
Milan Rúfus: Mystical Peace of Things
(directed by Viktor Kollár)

SkRAT Theatre Bratislava
the SkRAT Theatre creative team:  Stabbers and Lickers
(directed by Dušan Vicen)

City Theatre Žilina
Peter Handke: Underground Blues
(directed by Eduard Kudláč)

section focus


Slovensko mladinsko gledališče (Slovenian Youth Theatre), Ljubljana, Slovenia
Oliver Frljić and the actors: Damned Be the Traitor to His Homeland!
(directed by Oliver Frljić)

Breakfast with Slovenian drama
A lecture by Dr. Blažo Lukan, renowned Slovenian theatrologist, professor at the Theatre, Radio, Film and Television Academy in Ljubljana.

Fanatics, exhibitions and pretence – Three faces of Slovenian drama
Stage reading of contemporary Slovenian drama texts and a presentation of the new collection Slovenian Drama, including a discussion with playwrights.

accompanying programme

Times of the Sewer
An exhibition dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the STOKA (Sewer) Theatre.  

Andrej Čanecký

An exhibition of photographs by Andrej Čanecký, winner of the Biennial Theatre Photography 2010 competition.

Expressivity as transfer of the human experience
Theory Event
A lecture by director Viliam Dočolomanský, laureate of the prestigious European Theatre Prize (New Theatre Realities).

Stoka: From a Distance? / kødek special

A special discussion co-organized by the kød – konkrétne ø divadle journal, Studio 12 and Radio Devín on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the STOKA Theatre.

New drama – ambitions and limits
A discussion with the festival’s dramaturgy board about the selection of productions for the festival’s main programme as well as the current situation in contemporary Slovak drama and theatre.

Triathlon 2011

Stage reading of the texts shortlisted for the Drama 2010 competition, including a discussion with the finalists and members of the jury.

New Meeting Art & Digital Art Meeting Point

Analogue vs. digital vs. analogue & digital
An international conference about new media organized by the Cultural Contact Point Slovakia in collaboration with the DigiVAF(ex) platform.

European cities of culture

Maribor 2012 and Košice 2013
Presenting the projects of the European Capital of Culture.

Young Criticism Seminar

Intended for students of the humanities, arts and art sciences at universities (not only) in Slovakia. Led by Jakub Škorpil, an experienced lecturer and theatrologist from the Czech Republic, participants reflect on the productions included in the main competition.

festival team

Main organizers: the Theatre Institute Bratislava, the Bratislava Culture and Information Centre, and the City Theatre of P. O. Hviezdoslav  
Festival director: Vladislava Fekete
Honorary director: Zuzana Kronerová
Festival board: Zuzana Kronerová, Vladislava Fekete, Vladimír Grežo, Dominika Zaťková, Dária Fehérová, Martina Jesenská, Ján Hanzo
Dramaturgy board: Dáša Čiripová, Peter Pavlac, Patrik Lančarič
Curator of Focus Slovenia: Alja Predan
Jury: Alja Predan (Slovenia), Soňa Šimková, Marcin Zawada (Poland), Juraj Hubinák, Laco Kerata
Organizational staff: Dominika Zaťková, Dária Fehérová, Marek Godovič, Juraj Hubinák, Natália Urblíková, Dana Tomečková, Gabriela Holečková, Viera Burešová, Diana Selecká, Petra Pozdechová

Creator of the Grand Prix award: Mira Gáberová
Visuals: Martin Mistrík

The festival was organized under the auspices of Milan Ftáčnik, Mayor of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.  

New Drama – Enter Žilina / City Theatre Žilina, 19–24 May 2011
New Drama – Enter Prešov / Jonáš Záborský Theatre, 24 and 27 May 2011



„The International Professional Jury of the New Drama festival unanimously agreed that this year the Grand Prix will not be awarded. According to the head of the jury, Slovenian theatrologist Alja Predan, the competing productions were so heterogeneous in their style and quality that it was impossible to choose one as winner. However, Predan expressed hope that this gesture by the jury would spark a debate in Slovakia – a debate that is very much needed – about the state of contemporary, particularly original, Slovak drama. Once again, this year’s festival re-opened the discussion about what new drama actually is, mostly because the 2011 selection included dance and puppet productions for the first time in the festival’s history.“

Zuzana Ferusová: Nová dráma 2011 bez víťaza In SME, roč. 19, č. 119, s. 12 (24.05.2011)

„After the first years in which words like new, progressive, advancing, or contemporary were only ambiguously defined, the present debate shows a tendency to reveal the meaning of what constitutes ‘new’ more specifically. It seems that in Slovakia, ‘new’ in theatre is associated with devised theatre, with the dramatization and composition of texts that are created by the performers rather than with the staging of new, though original, theatre plays/dramatic texts. This year’s slogan – 3D (drama, dramaturgy, dimension) – has demonstrated that the productions only sometimes included drama, slightly more frequently dramaturgy, while not always opening a new dimension (neither for the audience, nor for the purpose of the staging).“

Miriam Kičiňová: Nová dráma paradoxne historická In, (02.06.2011)

„I am very happy that this year it will be P. O. Hviezdoslav Theatre that will host the seventh year of the exceptional theatre festival of contemporary Slovak drama Nová dráma/New Drama 2011. [...] This year’s theatrical spring will be dominated by original Slovak drama and the festival will allow us to have an intense experience through the stories of contemporary authors who mediate their view of the world to us.“