14. – 19. May 2012

The number of international visitors started to grow and jury consisting of experts from around the world provided a guarantee of objectivity and impartiality. The duties of the dramaturgy board became more important as the number of contemporary drama productions had almost doubled.

festival awards

GRAND PRIX Nová dráma/New Drama 2012
Blaho Uhlár: Experiment (In Search of Spirituality)
S.T.O.K.A. Bratislava
directed by Blaho Uhlár

Special Prize of the Jury
Jana Oľhová
Awarded for the remarkable and diverse performance in three festival productions (Realities of Dreams, Kukura, November).

Student Jury Prize
Dorota Masłowska: A Couple of Poor, Polish-speaking Romanians
Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra
directed by Júlia Rázusová

Bratislava Audience Award
Andrej Kalinka – Ivan Martinka: Epic
Puppet Theatre Žilina
directed by Andrej Kalinka and Ivan Martinka

The DRAMA 2011 Prize
1st Prize:
Gabriela Alexová: Losers
2nd Prize: Laco Remeň: Do It Yourself
3rd Prize: Anica Jenski: You Carry Her Baby

Slovak Radio Prize:
Gabriela Alexová: Losers

participating productions

Puppet Theatre on the Crossroads, Banská Bystrica
Jana Juráňová: Realities of Dreams
(directed by Iveta Škripková)

Puppet Theatre Žilina
Andrej Kalinka / Ivan Martinka: Epic
(directed by Andrej Kalinka and Ivan Martinka)

Alexander Dukhnovich Theatre, Prešov
Michaela Zakuťanská: Havaj
(directed by Zoja Zupková)

Andrej Bagar Theatre, Nitra
Dorota Masłowska: A Couple of Poor, Polish-speaking Romanians

(directed by Júlia Rázusová)  

Aréna Theatre, Bratislava
Martin Čičvák: Kukura
(directed by Rastislav Ballek)

Aréna Bratislava
David Mamet: November
(directed by Martin Čičvák)

ASTORKA Korzo ’90 Theatre, Bratislava
Ondrej Šulaj: The Farmer’s Blood
(directed by Juraj Nvota)

City Theatre Žilina
Ingmar Villqist: Such a Nice Girl Like You
(directed by Adriana Totiková)

P.A.T. Bratislava
Sláva Daubnerová – Pavel Graus: Some Disordered Interior Geometries
(directed by Sláva Daubnerová)

S.T.O.K.A. Bratislava
Blaho Uhlár: Experiment (In Search of Spirituality)
(directed by Blaho Uhlár)

section focus


Teatr na Woli, Warsaw, Poland
Tadeusz Słobodzianek: Our Class
(directed by Ondrej Spišák)

Ad Spectatores Wroclaw, Poland
Ad Spectatores: 9 reconstruction
(directed by Maciej Masztalski)

Love or Hate. Take What You Want.

An exhibition of photographs taken by Polish photographer Bartłomiej Sowa of productions by Polish theatres.

Contemporary Polish drama

A presentation of an anthology of contemporary Polish plays published by the Theatre Institute, attended by the playwrights.

White and Red – the image of contemporary Polish drama

Stage reading of contemporary Polish dramatic texts, including a discussion with the playwrights.
(directed by Adriana Totiková)  

Breakfast with Polish drama

A lecture by Justyna Jaworska, theatre theorist, about contemporary Polish drama and theatre.

Translation workshop
Translation workshop led by director Ján Štrbák.

accompanying programme

Women – men – theatre
A discussion with the festival’s dramaturgy board about the selection of productions for the festival’s main programme as well as the current situation in contemporary Slovak drama and theatre.

Triathlon 2012

Stage reading of the texts shortlisted for the Drama 2011 competition, including a discussion with the finalists and members of the jury. (directed by Júlia Rázusová)    

Young Criticism Seminar

Intended for students of the humanities, arts and art sciences at universities (not only) in Slovakia. Led by Jakub Škorpil, an experienced lecturer and theatrologist from the Czech Republic, participants reflect on the productions included in the main competition.

festival team

Main organizers: the Theatre Institute Bratislava, the Bratislava Culture and Information Centre, and the City Theatre of P. O. Hviezdoslav  
Festival director: Vladislava Fekete
Honorary director: Zuzana Kronerová
Festival board: Zuzana Kronerová, Vladislava Fekete, Vladimír Grežo, Dominika Zaťková, Dária Fojtíková Fehérová, Martina Jesenská, Ján Hanzo Dramaturgy board: Zuzana Uličianska, Martina Ulmanová, Zuzana Ferusová Focus Poland curators: Tomasz Grabiński and Marek Godovič
Jury: Andrzej Sławomir Jagodziński (Poland), Dora Viceníková (Czech Republic), Dáša Čiripová, Martin Ciel, Martin Porubjak
Organizational staff: Dominika Zaťková, Dária Fojtíková Fehérová, Marek Godovič, Zuzana Duchová, Lucia Čarnecká, Miro Zwiefelhofer, Juraj Hubinák, Gabriela Holečková, Viera Burešová, Diana Selecká
Creator of the Grand Prix award: Mira Gáberová
Visuals: with love by milk

The festival was organized under the auspices of Milan Ftáčnik, Mayor of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.
The programme section Focus Poland was organized under the auspices of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Slovakia. Andrzej Krawczyk.  

New Drama – Enter Žilina / City Theatre Žilina, 15–18 May 2012
New Drama – Enter Prešov / Jonáš Záborsk
ý Theatre, 12 June 2012
New Drama – Enter Košice / State Theatre Košice, Thália Košice, the Kontra Theatre, the Puppet Theatre Košice, Theatre Group TeatRovás, 20– 23 May 2012
New Drama – Enter Nitra / The Old Theatre of Karol Spišák, 20 May and 5–6 June 2012



„This year’s selection of productions for the New Drama festival reflects a phenomenon which has been present at big European festivals, including Divadelná Nitra, for several years: it presents the documentary precision of theatre expression, often based on personal experience. [...] Besides reflecting on the contemporary forms of theatre, the greatest significance of New Drama lies in the opportunity to present to international guests an overview of the best productions staged in Slovak theatres and consequently help theatres find their way to international festivals. With no possibility of confrontation, Slovak theatre will remain a big mystery for international audiences.“

Marek Godovič: Nová dráma na Slovensku: druh ojedinelý – výskyt obmedzený In VLNA, roč. 14, č. 50, s. 96-99 (21.06.2012)

„[The festival] met all the requirements for a first-rate theatre festival – it was well promoted, had a rich and dramaturgically well-balanced programme, interesting accompanying events, and, in the evening, parties in smart venues. In short, it was bright and vibrant.“