10. – 15. May 2010

City Theatre Žilina organized a satellite festival Nová dráma - Enter Žilina. The festival was to be gradually extended also to other towns: Prešov, Košice and Nitra. Young Critics´ Seminar started to educate future generations of critics.

festival awards

GRAND PRIX Nová dráma/New Drama 2010
Mariana Ďurčeková, Ján Luterán:
Station Žilina-Záriečie Theatre
directed by Ján Luterán and Mariana Ďurčeková

Special Prize of the Jury

various authors: Sarcophagi and ATMs
Puppet Theatre on the Crossroads, Banská Bystrica
for the project team work

Special Prize of the Jury

HOLLYROTH or Robert Roth sings Jan Hollý’s Uglies and Observations
Slovak National Theatre, Bratislava
for the individual adaptation of a historical issue, the language and the excellent performance of Robert Roth  

Student Jury Award

HOLLYROTH or Robert Roth sings Jan Hollý’s Uglies and Observations
Slovak National Theatre, Bratislava
directed by Rastislav Ballek

Bratislava Audience Award

Zuzana Palenčíková, Kamil Žiška: And We Will Whisper Slovak Chamber Theatre, Martin
directed by Kamil Žiška

The DRAMA 2009 Prize
1st Prize:
Lukáš Brutovský: For Lunch
1st Prize: Gabriela Alexová: Small Popcorn at Night
2nd Prize: was not awarded
3rd Prize: Iveta Horváthová: Crumbles

participating productions

Puppet Theatre in the Crossroads, Banská Bystrica
various authors: Sarcophagi and ATMs
(directed by Marián Pecko)

The Drama Department of the Slovak National Theatre
Robert Roth sings Jan Hollý’s Uglies and Observations
(directed by Rastislav Ballek)

Aréna Theatre
Hadar Galron: Mikve
(directed by Michal Dočekal)

Ján Palárik Theatre, Trnava
Egon Bondy: Masha and Beta
(directed by Viktor Kollár)

Non.Garde Theatre
From Marína
(directed by Zuzana Šimová)

P.A.T Theatre and Studio 12
(directed by Sláva Daubnerová)

Slovak Chamber Theatre, Martin
Zuzana Palenčíková, Kamil Žiška: And We Will Whisper
(directed by Kamil Žiška)

Station Žilina-Záriečie
Mariana Ďurčeková, Ján Luterán:
(directed by Ján Luterán and Mariana Ďurčeková)

State Theatre Košice
Vasily Sigarev: Little Wolf
(directed by Joanna Zdrada)

section focus


Tampere Workers’ Theatre, Tampere, Finland
Sirkku Peltola: Little Money
(directed by Sirkku Peltola)

Taisto Reimaluoto group, Helsinki, Finland
Taisto Reimaluoto, Kristian Smeds, Paavo Rintala: Here Is Life
(directed by Taisto Reimaluoto)

Breakfast with Finnish drama and theatre

A moderated meeting, lecture and discussion about Finnish drama and theatre with important Finnish dramaturge and writer Jukka-Pekka Pajunen. Presentation of a new publication in the Handkerchiefs edition – the play The Red Wolf by contemporary Finnish playwright Kari Hotakainen.

Female Voices

Stage reading of plays by Finnish playwrights Marjo Niemi, Saara Turunen and Emilia Poyhönen. The reading is directed by Finnish director Martina Marti and performed by students of drama at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and the Arts Academy in Banská Bystrica.

International meeting of theatre managers

A meeting, presentation of projects and discussion  of theatre management students with professional theatre producers from Finland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Unknown Soldier

The film version of the iconic theatre production of the Finnish National Theatre in Helsinki, directed by Kristian Smeds.

accompanying programme

(the Slovak National Theatre versus the Slovak National Drama)
An exhibition of the first productions of Slovak theatre plays on the stages of the National Theatre since its foundation until the present.

Don’t Be So Dramatic!

(drama challenges today)
Theory Event
An unconventional international conference focused on the creative process in contemporary theatre and its reflection.

Breaking the Boundaries

Theory Event
A lecture by world famous Hungarian director Árpád Schilling, laureate of the European Theatre Prize (New Theatrical Realities).

What is “NEW” and What is “DRAMA”?

A discussion with the festival’s dramaturgy board about the selection of productions for the festival’s main programme as well as the current situation in contemporary Slovak drama and theatre.

Drama is 10

A festive evening celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Drama competition, attended by the participating authors, jurors and fans.

Triathlon 2010
Stage reading of the texts shortlisted for the Drama 2009 competition, including a discussion with playwrights, creators and committee members.

City Image

A conference organized by Cultural Contact Point Slovakia about the current situation in Slovak and world cities as centres of manufacture, culture and thinking.

Young Criticism Seminar

Intended for students of the humanities, arts and art sciences at universities (not only) in Slovakia. Led by Karel Král, an experienced lecturer and theatrologist from the Czech Republic, participants reflect on the productions included in the main competition.

festival team

Main organizers: the Theatre Institute and the Arena Theatre  
Festival director: Vladislava Fekete
Honorary director: Zuzana Kronerová
Dramaturgy board: Martina Filinová, Romana Maliti, Dáša Čiripová, Jozef Koleják, Martin Ondriska
Curator of Focus Finland: Helena Autio-Meloni
Jury: Helena Autio-Meloni (Finland), David Maayan (Israel), Juraj Šebesta Organizational staff: Ján Valter, Dária Fehérová, Romana Maliti, Pavel Graus, Anna Grusková, Dominika Zaťková, Diana Selecká, Soňa Komová, Gabriela Holečková, Viera Burešová
Creator of the Grand Prix award: Erik Šille
Creator of the Drama 2009 Prize: Marek Brincko
Visuals: Martin Mistrík

The festival was organized under the auspices of Pavol Frešo, Chairman of the Bratislava Self-governing Region, and Andrej Ďurkovský, Mayor of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.
The programme section Focus Finland was organized under the auspices of the Embassy of Finland in Slovakia.  

New Drama – Enter Žilina / City Theatre Žilina, 11–14 May 2010


„After the first five years of the festival we realized that Slovak theatre is also gradually shifting its focus to multi-genre productions which are hard to delineate. Because it is our aim to monitor progressive changes, this year we extended new drama by new dramatization and new theatre dimensions (performative, postdramatic), said Vladislava Fekete, director of the New Drama festival.“

Dáša Čiripová: Slovenská identita v inscenáciách Novej drámy 2010 In SME, Príloha Bratislava, roč. 11, č. 88, s. 3 (07.05.2010)

„New drama means not only new texts and creations of young artists, but also voices – mediated by the theatre – that call for new stories and new representation.“

Zuzana Ferusová: Úspešný svadobný projekt In SME, roč. 18, č. 113, s. 18 (2010)

„Considering the (small) size of our cultural space, the selection of productions is inevitably limited. Rather than selecting, the organizers are recruiting. Though there might be two or three exceptions, overall, however, it can be said that the festival presented the majority of productions of contemporary drama currently performed on Slovak stages. In this respect, the festival is an adequate reflection of the real state of contemporary theatre in Slovakia.“

Miro Zwiefelhofer, Margaréta Cvečková: Relativita „nového“ In kød – konkrétne ø divadle, roč. 4, č. 6 (2010), str. 29-33 (2010)

„I am pleased and honoured that this year it is our theatre – whose dramaturgy is focused on new drama – that can welcome the New Drama festival here Žilina. Every year, the festival wins more and more fans among Slovak theatremakers and spectators and attracts international theatre professionals to come to Slovakia. This creates a space for innovation, for opening of new forms and experiences, and for mutual comparison which is so important to ensure progress. It is our goal to appeal to our audience without prejudice (on both sides) – to inspire spectators who are open-minded and who long for the new impulses they take home from the theatre. That is why I am very happy that the Theatre Institute accepted our proposal to move the festival to the City Theatre in Žilina with the aim to set up a new tradition. A tradition of creative confrontation of the most interesting works created in Slovakia in the recent past, said Martina Jesenská, director of the City Theatre in Žilina.“