11. – 16. May 2009

The festival started to be dominated by original plays and devised theatre using also modern forms of documentary drama. The Theatre Institute´s project titled Sarcophagi and ATMs put together eighteen Slovak playwrights.

festival awards

Prize for Best Production of a Contemporary Slovak Play
Studio 12 Bratislava
Ján Šimko et al.: Petržalka Stories
directed by Ján Šimko  

Prize for Best Production of a Contemporary International Play

City Theatre Žilina
Sergi Belbel: Cell Phone
directed by Eduard Kudláč

Prize for Dramaturgy

Martin Kubran
for the dramaturgy to Viliam Klimáček’s Communism
taking into account the series of plays produced by the Aréna Theatre reflecting Slovakia’s history (Tiso and Dr. Gustáv Husák)

Special Prize of the Jury

Jana Oľhová
for her exceptional performance in Sergi Belbel’s Cell Phone (City Theatre Žilina)

New Drama Surprise Prize

was not awarded

Bratislava Audience Award

Puppet Theatre on the Crossroads, Banská Bystrica
for the production of Michal Ditte’s The Secret of the Skutecký House

The DRAMA 2008 Prize
1st Prize:
was not awarded
2nd Prize: was not awarded
3rd Prize: Klára Aragonová: Gallery
3rd Prize:
Lukáš Brutovský: Talents

3rd Prize: Ľuba Lesná: Truth Prevails (Even Against Our Will)

participating productions

Puppet Theatre on the Crossroads, Banská Bystrica
Michal Ditte: The Secret of the Skutecký House
(directed by Iveta Jurčová)

a.ha Theatre Bratislava
Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt: The Gospel According to Pilate
(directed by Štefan Korenči)

Aréna Theatre, Bratislava
Viliam Klimáček: Communism
(directed by Martin Čičvák)

P.A.T. Theatre Prievidza
Sláva Daubnerová: Polylogue
(directed by Sláva Daubnerová)

City Theatre Žilina
Sergi Belbel: Cell Phone
(directed by Eduard Kudláč)

State Theatre Košice
Gianina Carbunariu: Kebab
(directed by Ján Šimko)

Studio 12 Bratislava
Ján Šimko et al.: Petržalka Stories
(directed by Ján Šimko)

section focus


Serbian National Theatre, Novi Sad, Serbia
Milena Marković: The Boat for Dolls
(directed by Ana Tomović)

Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade, Serbia
Biljana Srbljanović: Barbelo, of Dogs and Kids
(directed by Dejan Mijač)  

Man of Theatre – Miodrag Tabački / Juraj Fábry – stage design

A double exhibition of Serbian stage designer and costume artist Miodrag Tabački, and Slovak stage designer Juraj Fábry.  

Breakfast with Serbian drama

A meeting with Ksenija Radulović, director of the Serbian Theatre Museum in Belgrade, and Aleksandr Milosavljević, director of the Drama Department of the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad to discuss Serbian drama and directorial poetics of the 1990s.  

Introduction to performance theory / Case study Serbia 1991–2009
Theory Event Lecture by Dr. Aleksandry Jovicević, renowned theatrologist working in Serbia and Italy.

accompanying programme

New Writing in British Theatre Today
Theory Event
A lecture by British theatre critic, theorist and writer Alex Sierz.  

Meeting the festival’s dramaturgy board
A discussion with the festival’s dramaturgy board about selecting productions for the main competition and about the situation of producing contemporary drama in Slovakia.  

Triathlon 2009

Stage reading of texts shortlisted for the Drama 2008 competition, including a discussion with playwrights, creators and committee members.

Dramatically Young

Stage reading of drama debuts written by students of primary and secondary schools. A presentation of the second year of the Theatre Institute’s nationwide educational project.

Sarcophagi and ATMs or the (essential Slovak) drama of the normalization generation / eighteen great authors and sixteen small plays
Stage reading of plays by Slovak authors created as part of the Theatre Institute’s project titled Essential Slovak Drama.
(concept and dramaturgy by Anna Grusková)

Mobility of artists and professional in the cultural sector: opportunities – perspectives – projects

International conference organized by the Cultural Contact Point Slovakia.

Peculiar relations of New Drama (2009)

The festival’s closing ceremony and the awarding of festival prizes.
(directed by Kamil Žiška)

festival team

Main organizers: the Theatre Institute and the Arena Theatre  
Festival director: Vladislava Fekete
Honorary director: Zuzana Kronerová
Dramaturgy board: Dáša Čiripová, Elena Knopová, Dária Fehérová
Focus Serbia curators: Aleksandar Milosavljević, Ksenija Radulović
Jury: Darina Abrahámová, Anna Grusková, Martina Vannayová, Petr Christov (Czech Republic), Peter Kováč
Organizational staff: Romana Maliti (programme director), Maja Hriešik, Dominika Zaťková, Soňa Komová, Zuzana Ferenczová, Pavel Graus, Ján Valter, Diana Selecká, Viera Burešová, Gabriela Holečková
Creator of festival prizes: Jerguš Opršal
Visuals: Ján Triaška

The festival was organized under the auspices of Vladimír Bajan, Chairman of the Bratislava Self-governing Region, and Andrej Ďurkovský, Mayor of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.

The programme section Focus Serbia was organized under the auspices of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Slovakia.


„We are happy that the fifth Nová dráma/New Drama festival found its home stage in the Aréna Theatre because this festival presents the most inventive and original contemporary Slovak drama of the previous year. Our theatre also aspires to be inventive and original. I wish you to be able to take away from the festival an understanding of what is new as well as the desire to keep discovering new things in theatre.“

Juraj Kukura, riaditeľ Divadla Aréna In Bulletin festivalu Nová dráma/New Drama 2009 (programový bulletin), Divadelný ústav, 2009, s. 5 (2009)

„A well-organized festival in all aspects – rich in its programme offer and useful accompanying events. What is more, it culminated in a humorous and fittingly self-ironic presentation of the closing ceremony during which the prizes were awarded.“

Milan Polák: Nová dráma bližšie k realite In Literárny dvojtýždenník, roč. 22, č. 21-22, s. 11 (03.06.2009)

„The festival has enjoyed increasing attendance – last year, besides Slovak spectators and theatre enthusiasts, more than sixty international guests from 14 countries of Europe and the USA attended it, thus confirming that New Drama is a positively perceived and highly valued cultural event in the capital city.“

Mária Kánová: Nová dráma/New Drama 2009 In Bratislavský Kuriér 7/2009 (2009)

„"I think that in a time when commercial television is spoiling the viewers’ taste it is very important that culture, in particular theatre, has such festivals as New Drama. It is important in order to make festivals like this be attended by the general public – not just by a small group of theatremakers. (...) New Drama provides space to present productions which have not yet been proved by time, but are interesting, innovative, original and creative", said Zuzana Kronerová, honorary director of the festival.“