hlavný obrázok

5. 5. 11:00
(120 minút)

SNT - Blue Salon


Green Drama

A presentation of dramatic texts created as part of the Theatre Institute’s Green Drama project, together with a discussion and presentation of Slovak playwrights.

 The project is aimed at fostering the creation of original dramatic texts addressing issues in ecology and environmental studies. 22 professional Slovak playwrights were approached to participate in the Green Drama project. They are cooperating in creative pairs (author-dramaturg) to produce the final versions of eco-dramas.

The dramaturgy section includes Andrea Domeová (dramaturg of the Astorka Korzo ’90 Theatre), Miriam Kičiňová (dramaturg and lecturer of dramaturgy for the Drama Department of the Slovak National Theatre), Svetozár Sprušanský (dramaturg of the New Stage Theatre), and Vladislava Fekete (dramaturg and director of the Theatre Institute).