hlavný obrázok

19. 5. 15:30
(150 minút)

SNT - Blue Salon



The Triathlon is the finale of the Drama competition to produce the best original dramatic text written in Slovak or Czech. Its objective is to present the texts shortlisted for the competition through stage reading. In its current form, this event is a practical test of the theatre potential of the shortlisted texts and, at the same time, it presents a challenge for the young team of the director and actors who are stage-reading the texts for the festival audience. The visitors can thus look forward to getting a taste of the most current drama and the possibilities of its stage interpretation.   Drama is a contest of dramatic texts written in Slovak or Czech. This year, thirty-two texts were submitted to the competition, out of which twenty-three were written in Slovak and nine in Czech.
The finalists and winners of the Triathlon will be chosen by the following five-member jury: This year’s jury consisted of the following members:
Miriam Kičiňová (dramaturg, dramaturgy lecturer of the Drama Department of the Slovak National Theatre)
Zuzana Palenčíková (dramaturg)
Marián Amsler (director, artistic director of the ASTORKA Korzo ’90 Theatre
Andrea Dömeová (dramaturg of the ASTORKA Korzo ’90 Theatre)
Vladislava Fekete (dramaturg, director of the Theatre Institute)
The discussion with playwrights will be joined by Croatian translator, Professor Nikolina Židek, who will present her contribution on how to promote drama of small nations in countries where world languages are spoken.
The name of the winner will be announced during the festival prize-awarding ceremony. At the same ceremony, prizes by the Drama Department of the Slovak National Theatre and of Radio Devín will be awarded as well.  

The 2017 Drama competition was announced by the Theatre Institute in cooperation with the Drama Department of the Slovak National Theatre. RTVS – Radio Devín is the competition’s partner.