hlavný obrázok

9. 5. 13:00
(120 minút)

Studio 12



This presentation takes a close look at Greece’s contemporary theatre life and examines the impact of the economy on its present state and future development. It argues that the Depression in Greece may have caused numerous evils, but it has also provided a rich field for the reflection and analysis of the relation between art and the events of the day. The experience of the devastation of the economy and the growing threat of an even lower quality of life has been slowly producing a new sense of things, people, and human relations. It is no exaggeration to claim that young theatre people – the age group hit the hardest by the Depression – are now the most reliable chroniclers of the depression. They feel that their must-do-job is to keep theatre central to the public discourse and communal interaction – not as a commodity, but as a necessary thing, which, needless to say, is not easy to do for it means to change people’s general attitude towards theatre and towards life and its “realities.” Note: during the presentation videos/trailers will be shown from contemporary Greek productions.

The publication presents contemporary Greek drama for the first time in a Slovak translation. Greek drama is represented by three plays – written by playwrights Dimitris Dimitriadis, Yiannis Mavritsakis and Nina Rapi.