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8. 5. 10:00
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Studio 12


Ecological Issues and Environmental Problems in Theatre and Performing Arts

International conference

The current state of the Earth is no longer only about specific environmental issues – it seems the entire system is collapsing. In theatre, nature and the natural environment have been overlooked, even though they have been part of the theatre discourse since the ancient times. However, they have often only served as the backdrop to produce a suitable mood, to create a setting for the play of human actors. At a time of climate change, the backdrop becomes the actor – it interacts with humans who have to interact back. How do contemporary artists react? And how does theory of theatre address this radical change of “the set”?

The international conference Ecological Issues and Environmental Problems in Theatre and Performing Arts will present the forms of potential artistic response – solid dramatic texts, direct and committed reaction as well as poetic, metaphorical action, or special projects aimed at supporting theatre that focuses on the environment. The conference will aim to discuss how materials, technologies and various principles can be used in the theatre, as well as how humans are related to their non-human relatives. There will be also time to ask the traditional question how representatives of a live medium can reflect both the animate and inanimate world that surrounds them. Should they influence the society without falling into the trap of poster slogans and didactic theorems? Or is the interconnection of pedagogy and theatre the most relevant solution? What about immersion, participation, collaboration and other kinds of theatre forms that transgress the physical stage?

Eminent theatre theorists and practitioners have accepted our invitation to the conference:
Carl Lavery, professor at the University of Glasgow and author of several books on theatre and ecology;
Chantal Bilodeau, author of theatre plays on environmental themes, artistic director of the Arctic Cycle organization and initiator of the Climate Change Theatre Project;
Zoe Svendsen from Cambridge University and head of the Metis Arts organization;
Krõõt Juurak
and Alex Bailey from the Austrian performative group Performances for Pets, among others.